Sale & Marketing

Our company, Michael Moder Ltd and its affiliates, is spreading awareness ideas and offering mutually beneficial cooperation and fair approach to the people around the world.
Michael Moder Ltd is engaged in serious bilateral collaboration with individuals and companies worldwide.
Sales of Products and Merchandise – Direct sale (Dr.Nona International Ltd)., network sales, e-shops ( , , etc.)
Meeting your business needs.

You will feel unique and special!

Production and sale of products under own brand as – Body and Ear candles, Fitness, Fitness accessories, etc.
Representation and business services and marketing for business partners (Evenstar&Angel , Dr.Nona , etc.)
Business Specialists.
Michael Moder Ltd. is committed to serious bilateral collaboration with people and companies around the world in health and personal development.

Activities of Michael Moder Ltd. Based in London (Uk) and its affiliates in:
Prague (CZ) Michael Moder s.r.o. (for Eastern and central Europe)
Cork (IE) Michael Moder LTD.

Lectures, Courses and Seminars.
Making your ideas a reality.