About Us
Michael Moder Ltd. is engaged in serious bilateral collaboration with individuals and companies worldwide.
Vision Statement
With our honest work and actions, we would like to be inspiration for people, in all areas that benefit human health and knowledge. That's why the company is named after its founder, we do not hide our company under any sureal name and we takes full responsibility for our performance in public.
Our courses, educational seminars, books and videos are aimed at educating health prevention, self-esteem, and skills training.
Our studio, under the name STUDIO Therapy & Fitness Michael Moder® (CZ), is focused on comprehensive human care.
We show people how to take responsibility for their health and their lives into their own hands.
Our unchanging human values are: serious cooperation not only in the field of business, sharing useful thoughts among people, but especially the functional family, friendship, love, fairness, humility and the heritage to the next generation, for which we will not have to be ashamed.
Our goal is to connect and educate decent people, contributing at least to the healing of our planet. We believe that if we start with positive changes, the whole of the whole Earth will change, and instead of competing, and plundering, we will behave like true thinking people.
We want to devote some of our earnings to the needy ones whether in the form of money or services or goods that we buy for that money.
“Our company, Michael Moder Ltd and its affiliates, is spreading awareness ideas and offering mutually beneficial cooperation and fair approach to the people around the world.”
Michael Moder

Nothing is impossible...

The Moder Method ® is a proven practice of pain relief. Our unique and endorsed alternative therapy is designed to reduce pain and relieve discomfort, such as back pain, headache, knee, shoulder, hip joint, carpal tunnel, or related pain, in a natural way. 

The personal point of view on work and the mission of Michael Moder

I do not present my self and work trough  the diplomas, but the results I have achieved in my life.

If I'm looking for a solution or a new way, I always focus on the goal I want to achieve.

My principle is always decentness, mutual cooperation and benefits.

If you do not want to break the world you've been building up for years and trusting him, do not go into deeper debates with me ....

What do I do best? To show the people of the way where they have never sought them.

If you order an consultation with me , there is almost a 100% probability that you will hear other answers than you were expected to hear.

The energy that surrounds us is constantly affecting us. That's why it's important to remind it to our selfs at all the time. Thinking and living in positive energies is essential constantly and everywhere.

A personality Who is my greatest lifestyle pattern? There are many of them , but from all of genius people, this are the most which affected me as:
Mister Leonardo Da Vinci, Jan Amos Komensky and Tomas Bata, Steve Jobs.

What to say at the end? It is tragic that the current school system produces in many cases competing egoists without the heart.

The Moder Method ® is a self-healing method. The treatment is based on our long-term experience in the field and over 20 000 therapy treatments with highly successful results. We also provide personal visits upon request and agreement, both domestic and abroad.

The Moder Method ® of Pain Relief is an alternative therapy designed to eliminate pain and health imbalances in a natural way, using healing body candles, energy, harmonization therapy, Dorn Method, etc.

writing and Publishing own Books – by Michael Moder as an author


creating of an educational, advertising, tutorial videos, etc.

lectures, Courses and Seminars

counseling and services in: Fitness, Health/Well being, Therapy


tourism services in Heritage trvaeling programs focused on anciant energetical places 

sales of Products and Merchandise – Direct sale,network sales, e-shops (Dr.Nona, www.angelgifts.shop, www.drnona.london , www.drnona.shop)

production and sale of products under own brand as – Body and Ear candles, Fitness, Fitness acsessories, etc.

representation and business services and marketing for business partners (Evenstar&Angel, Dr.Nona, etc.)

franchises and own projects

creating applications and realizing your own projects

Michael Moder Ltd. is committed to serious bilateral collaboration with people and companies around the world in health and personal development.
Activities of Michael Moder Ltd. Based in London (Uk) and its affiliates in :
Prague (CZ) Michael Moder s.r.o.  (for Eastern and central Europe)
Cork (IE) Michael Moder Ltd.

Founder of Michael Moder Ltd.
Michael Moder - Alternative therapist, fitness and nutrition consultant, lecturer, writer, researcher, visionary, moderator, musician, motivation coach, spiritual teacher and above all a person who is not indifferent to the world we live in.
is the author of his own Therapeutic Method ® ( www.naturalhealing.help ) for the removal of pain and health problems and other original systems and methods protected by trademarks.
has written many articles on various topics and several books.
As a certified manager with years of experience, he also focuses on business and marketing.
For his results in coaching, counseling and therapeutic work,  was nominated for a major worldwide encyclopedia of outstanding personalities, Hübners Who is Who, where is a member since 2009.
Also - the most important partner of Dr. Nona International Ltd in the Czech Republic (with the status of Master director).

Our motto is a versatile collaboration with people from around the world who recognize the same values ​​as we do.
If you are, or willing to move in the area of ​​health and motivation and, if you are interested in our services and products, let us know.
Spreading education and helping other people is free but also it cost the money. The combination is ideal. That is why we use all of our earnings for further education and good deeds. If we were doing everything for free, later on , we would need help as well , but if we work in exchange of money and use some of that money to educate and help others, we think we do it right.
By content In our lectures many people, find the big true , that great progress work,may be done by just begin to "take care of themselves". Than they “build themselves “so that they do not bother with their actions and "complaining about the circumstances" etc. Those around them selfs.

WE HELP PEOPLE, TO FIND THE INNER STREINGHT so they can take care of themselves, learn to take responsibility in their handsand by being able to take care of themselves, they can inspire and help other people who also want to take the path or fail to find oneself.

The old truth says that if we want to build a better world, family, business or community, we must first start with ourselves.
It is easy to advise others, but to work on “YOUR SELF”, i is very hard JOB. We know it from our own experience and that is why we try to help.

We offer the opportunity to help you build yourself. (Our courses, seminars and lectures on internal motivation, therapy and prevention of health or treatment.)

Making your ideas a reality!