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Do you wanna get help with sales at the Irish or Czech market?

We offer to small businesses and individuals freelance representation (services and trade) in Ireland and Czech + fulfilment for e-shops - goods storage and shipping directly from Ireland or Czech.


We offer serious help in business, to small companies and freelancers in abroad, which looking for an opportunity to running business Ireland or Czech Republic.
It is ideal for e-shops - warehousing and shipping directly from Ireland or Czech Republic.
The services will be appreciated especially by companies producing goods, which price is reaching too high due to expensive postage and which have long delivery times, problems with the claims, returns etc. We offering - competitive advantage - lower prices, storage in Ireland and delivery to the customer's door within 2 days.

Examples of cooperation:

A manufacturer or trader who sells through existing e-shop in its country and wish to expand with sales to Ireland or Czech Republic:
  1. We will buy the stock of your products and sell them via our e-shop as your sales representative.
  2. Our profit we create we self.
A manufacturer or trader who sells through the existing e-shop in its country and wish to expand with sales to Ireland or Czech Republic:
  1. We will act as fulfilment mediator and run your warehouse in Ireland.
  2. According to your instructions with shipping details, we pack and post the order.
  3. We are paid for packing and posting your products and handling complaints and returns.
  4. At the end of each month, we will invoice you according to a pre-agreed and approved price list for our services.
A manufacturer or sales company who looking for buyers in Ireland or Czech Republic. The company is shipping products from its own warehouse, but need contacts and representative on the Irish or Czech market.
  1. We find potential customers according to your criteria.
  2. We may be the local contact, the representative, the salesperson.
  3. Provision - commission for us will depend on the actual turnover from realized transactions.

Example of one current reference

We have over 30 years of business experience, mostly in the field of health.

For example - 10 years of cooperation with Dr.Nona International Ltd. We Sale products of this company primarily on the Ireland, UK and Czech markets. We also give a piece of Expert advice on products (www.drnona.shop).

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Michael Moder

+ 353 830 48 28 28 (Ireland) 
Ground Floor, 8-9 Marino Mart, Fairview, Clontarf, Dublin 3, D03 P590, Ireland

+ 420 734 300 212 (Czech)
Revolucni 1403/28, Nove Mesto, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

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